You've created a LinkedIn company profile, but how do you get followers?

1. Share Company Posts on Your Profile

If you have a sizable network and think a lot of your connections would be interested in following your company, a simple tactic is to create a post on your company page, "view as member", and then share it via your personal profile.

2. Ask Your Network

Simply mentioning you have (or have recently created) a company profile and asking folks to follow is an easy win.

3. Employees

If employees add your page as their workplace, they will automatically become followers of your page.

Don't forget to ask them to share your company posts as well! This can really increase visibility.

4. Post Videos

Many social media platforms favor video content vs simple text or images.

You will typically see more interaction and "lift" from video content.

Just make sure to post natively - sharing a video hosted on YouTube or elsewhere sends visitors away from LinkedIn, therefore they tend to not give this type of content the same advantage as videos uploaded directly.

5. From your Website

On your blog posts and other content, put a link to either your personal or company LI in your bio.

Use the LinkedIn company follow plugin to put a follow button on your site.

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6. Customers

In your next email campaign, ask existing customers if they have followed.

7. Offer Great Content

The better your content, the more likely people are to interact with and share it!

This is true on any platform. Build a reputation for being helpful and informative in your field.

Short on ideas? Check out our Content Generation Guide.

8. Invite Contacts to Follow

This is one of the easiest and most effective methods. However, this feature seems to be supported intermittently, and is not reliable. Here is a guide with more detail:

Our guess is that it is simply being tested and rolled out account by account on a temporary basis. Hopefully it becomes a permanent fixture soon!

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