Building your Brand is the single best thing you can do to achieve business growth.


Having an established brand that prospective customers not only recognize but actively seek out is the easiest way to bring in new business.

Branded searches are one of the first ways most businesses begin to receive organic traffic from Google and Bing.

They are also some of the most relevant types of traffic you can get - if someone is searching for your company specifically, then they are very likely to be interested in doing business with you.

This is what separates one-person operations where the owner is overworked and underpaid, from the industry leaders dominating their field.

It's the difference between struggling most of the time, or growing consistently.

The problem is that it can take considerable resources and a long time to achieve this.

If you're an expert in your area, but not at business and marketing, it will not be easy.

Popular Misconceptions about Branding

You can throw up a quick website and pour money into ad campaigns in a single day, but that won't build a brand.

A logo does not make a brand.

Your selected font and color scheme probably don't make that much difference either.

So what DOES matter?

What Should Brand Building Be About?

What do you want your company to be known for?

This..... this is the core of what you should work on.

Who do you think of for quality sports apparel? Nike.

Who do you think of for passenger vehicles? General Motors, Ford, Toyota

Figure out what you want to be known for, and then act on it. Make it happen. Here's how:

Brand Building - The Right Way

Step 1 - Get Organized

Brand Image

Once you have identified what your focus is, create a Brand Blueprint.

Yes, colors, fonts, etc should all be part of your brand, but they are not the focus. Their job is to support your identity, and keep it consistent.

Everyone Sells

Your whole team is in sales, regardless of what department they work in.

How often have you met someone and been asked, "What do you do?" - it's important for your staff to be able to clearly articulate not only their role, but what the company does in case the listening party finds it relevant.

Step 2 - Create Valuable Content

Demonstrate your expertise by sharing knowledge. Write articles, create videos or infographics, whatever format makes sense to get the point across clearly.

To find worthwhile topics that have a strong potential to attract customers, check out our Content Generation Guide.

Step 3 - Generate Awareness

Once your content is ready to publish, you will need to distribute and promote it.

Otherwise, few people will see it, and it will not pay off.

You'll want to get links to your content - ask us how.

You can also publish it on platforms such as Medium and build an audience there (just wait a week or so after publishing to your own website, so search engines know which is the original).

Even if you publish content every day, that does not guarantee you will get clients. It has to be seen by a relevant audience in order to be worthwhile.

Earned media can help a lot with this.

Branded Searches Vs Solution Searches

Brand Marketing

Branded searches are when someone is looking for your company or licensed product name specifically.

When this happens frequently, it tells search engines that your brand is popular and sought after, and can help increase your rankings across the board.

Branded searches are often driven by offline events, such as seminars, event sponsorships, or print advertising.

Branded Query Optimization

Solution / Service Marketing

Solution searches occur when someone had a need, but isn't sure who to go to for help.

These are often centered around a problem, such a "How to create a LinkedIn Company Profile".

Often for services they look something like "marketing agency near me", where you have the business or service type tied to some sort of filter such as location or type.

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If you want to build a brand without taking years of trial and error to do so, Nexus Growth Coaching can help accelerate your growth.

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