SEO Services for Small Businesses

Your website should be a valuable asset for your marketing and sales.

We help make that happen:

Get a relevant audience on your site...

Attract an Audience

and support the buyer journey.

Close business deal

Your Goal:
Lead generation and conversion into paying clients.

The Challenge:
Creating a reliable, predictable customer acquisition system.

Our Solution:
Data-backed strategy and tactics to avoid pitfalls and achieve goals.

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How We Help

Our clients are mainly B2B service providers who use our digital marketing services to increase their website traffic and turn these visitors into paying customers.

We mainly work with small businesses who need to make impact and get a return, but without breaking the bank to do so.

We can improve your organic rankings through Search Engine Optimization, and create a compelling buyer journey.

Who We Are

We are a Website Design and SEO agency located in Evansville, Indiana and serving clients across the US.

Owner Clint in the Nexus office

Nexus CEO Clint Tepe

Search Optimization

Discover what content will earn relevant visitors for your website, and get a plan to make it happen.

Earn More Traffic

PPC Campaigns

Reach your target demographic quickly, test taglines and sales copy, and scale lead generation.

Reach New Customers

Website Conversion Optimization

Lead website visitors to completing a purchase buy supporting their buyer journey.

Improve Conversion Rates

Get Help From The Experts

We have helped a variety of companies earn more highly-relevant organic traffic to their sites, and would like to help you achieve similar results.

3x traffic on a client website in just a few months through SEO:

search engine optimization service successful result

Nexus clients earned 152,862 clicks from Google in November 2019, and had nearly 3.6 million impressions in Google searches.

Want to know the impact this can have for your business?
Read our SEO Best Practices Guide.

SEO Best Practices Guide

How We Work

Every project starts with a discovery call to learn about your business. We audit your current digital marketing assets to find areas of opportunity.

This allows us get to know you and your business goals, and take the time to make sure we can truly help before any invoices are sent.

We strongly believe in starting with a strong base, and then layering in additional tactics when the time is right.

Every company has their own unique situation and considerations.

Use the contact form below or give us a call at (812) 682-0161 to schedule your discovery session, and see how we can help!

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What Our Clients Say

Positive LinkedIn Recommendation - Ami

I highly recommend Clint. As a new small business owner, I needed help with everything from marketing to social media presence. He makes sure to ask what your goals are and designs his coaching to help you get there. Clint is a wealth of information. You can't go wrong with Nexus!

Positive LinkedIn Recommendation - Erik

Great having Clint around during brainstorming sessions. He always knows the right questions to ask! Also a guru with all things digital in regards to marketing and online presence!

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Do you know how many people visit your website each month?

Analytics and metrics are areas we really enjoy working with. We can tame and interpret your data so you better understand how people are finding your website and your business.

Are your current advertising efforts both measurable and cost-effective?

Digital ads and tactics are generally easy to track, so you know what is working - and what isn't. From there, we optimize to achieve the most impact for your revenue.

Are you ready to move beyond "getting the word out"?

Anyone can throw money at ads, but it takes experience and insight to achieve a positive ROI.

Does your website actually bring in business?

If you view your website as an expense - you are not alone. Did you know your website can not only help you attract new customers, but close more deals with existing leads? Supporting sales and other areas of your business is a genuine possibility - we can show you how.

Do you strive to become an Industry Leader?

Our competitor audits can help uncover the tactics used by organizations you admire, and can help you compete on a higher level.

Has social media been a waste of time?

It's important to know which platforms and opportunities are worth putting resources towards. If you're experiencing frustration in a particular area, it may be time to either try something else, or bring in a professional to whip it into shape.

Ever Googled your business? How about the service / product terms you should be ranking for?

SEO, content marketing, and earned media can all help boost your rankings and organic traffic. These techniques are often very detailed, but our experience in these areas can be an asset for your growth.

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